Sunday, 22 July 2007

In My Haven

Hello everyone who was worried about my journey home from Sue's. It was a slow process but I had faith in the above to get me to my destination in one piece.
Not an easy journey especially as I have no sense of direction and road closures throws me into a, "where am I going and how am I going to get there". A convoluted route by an extra 3 hours+ but I missed the aquaplaning cars and deep rivers!
Got home just in time to take off one lot of clothes and throw on another to go to the Proms in the Park in Milton Keynes - it was an excellent evening with G4 and others who sang and played a good mixture of classics, opera and shows, with lasers, fireworks and cannons. I also had a thing about the conductor who had such enthusiasm for his music.

I am now late writing this as I have had many calls from well meaning friends who were also worried - Me S & P really didn't know how bad it was out there as we really chilled last week! Did us all good, great to be in your own world!

I had a wonderful time and S & P's well rested and armed with my new blog, need a few days or is that weeks to find my way around but I will get there - never one to give up.

Today I have been like a Chinese laundry, all washed and ironed and put away, cleaned all through, cleansed in body and soul.

Now sitting with a well earned glass of red looking at gleaming surfaces and no cobwebs!

I was so overwhelmed to find I had 5 comments already and I have just started on this wonderful experience of blogging, new friends, new horizons and a big thank you to Sue, her help and her blogging friends.

may we all continue.

Thursday, 19 July 2007

The start of something wonderful

I am a 60's person at heart, known for being whacky, dressing in Kaftans and ethnic clothing.

I am a free spirit and do not like convention and restraint.

I have a thirst for knowledge and welcome all you out there who are like minded to join me in sharing your knowlege on all subjects Spiritual, Holistic, Enviromental and on Personal Development from the Soul.

Our subject is so diverse that once you try one it leads to so many avenues for growth and well-being.

The name "Haven of Peace" came from my early divorce year when I used to come home from work, lean against the door on entering and sigh - "My Haven of Peace". How apt. After obtaining all my qualifications it was natural to call my practice after my refuge at the beginning of my journey to a better life.

Aswell as Healing, I also run courses on Crystal Therapy, Head Massage and Ear Candling

I have written courses for Personal and Soul Develpment.

I am staying with my good friend Sue who runs a successful antiques business "Vintage to Victorian", she has helped me start my blog to enable me to have a network of Holistic Spiritual people to widen my circle. From her network I have already been in touch with one of her customers who has turned her knowledge into healing animals.

This is an exciting time, I am looking forward to meeting you all out there to sharing our special way of life to a journey of enlightenment and transcendence.