Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Happy Christmas and New Beginnings

Happy Christmas to everyone.
Lets all start 2010 after letting go of old stuff and people who do not serve us with new visions, new horizons and new goals.
Since re-evaluating my self, new opportunities have come in and different paths have been offered. I am excited about the changes. Isn't the Universe wonderful when you give yourself up to it and express your wishes, the work behind the scenes immediately.
Will tell more in the next post.
I would like to thank loveholisitics for her comments and hope we communicate often.

It is a New Moon tonight and I for one will be making wishes about my future, I hope you all do the same, if we do not re-enforce them they will not happen.
The December New Moon signifies New Beginnings, New Cycles. It is in Sagittarius so have the qualities of idealism, optimism. intelligence. 9th house themes are education and high learning.
Good vibrations for saying goodbye to 2009 and all its troubles and moving on to a bright, balanced new future.

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loveholistics said...

Ah thanks. I'm not great at this either so I think between us we might get some good ideas passed around in about 6 months time :) Hope all is goingwell xx