Thursday, 12 November 2009

New Me

Well I have been away for more than a year!
I have moved to Somerset after the passing of my Mother and took a year out. After wafting about and in 2009 having a year of illnesses I have decided now is the time to do something constructive with my life!!
I am a Holistic therapist and have not been using my skills to its advantage. The Universe is now kicking my butt to put into action, the illnesses were for me to take stock and re-evaluate my life. Also the illnesses from (Messages from the Body) tell me I have not let go of some old stuff that I thought I had let go of.
I put myself in the same situation that I beat myself up on about the past, so I have had to deal with issues, people and situations that I did not deal with then. Karma. At times I still did not deal with it as I should have done and went down to victim path again, so I will have to re-visit that again.
Now is the letting go stage and be focused on what I want and how I get there. So all my issues and mind talk are written on paper and placed into a bag that I have left outside the house forever.
I am doing my homework and networking to set up a client base to work from home and mobile. I am looking forward to the future with renewed optimism and a healthy dose of live for each day and not to worry about the future and to trust that all will be well.
So if you live in Somerset and need a good therapist, reply to this post and I will be in touch

thanks for your patience Gill

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