Saturday, 11 August 2007


Have been asked to define Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of expansion rules you ninth house in astrology. Where it is located in your birth chart will show abundance in the individuals life.
Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are your impersonal planets or events planet.
Jupiter takes 12 years to complete its obit. Travels at 14 minutes a day.
Jupiter is the planet of good fortune. It encourages you to search for answers to the fundamental questions of life.
Qualities are - success, ambition, inspiration, wealth, optimism. generous, aspiring.
Expansion and growth from learning and finding the real you.
It has negative traits which are extravagance, pomposity, conceit, lazy, overconfident, fanatical.
When Jupiter is forward its energies are active around us so it allows us to expand our framework of the self- actualisation.
A stroke of good luck form no-where, a happy phase, enjoyment form life and all its gifts.
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lorenzothellama said...

Mmm ..
Does Jupiter (or any of the planets for that matter) do the same thing for each person? If so, surely everyone will gain when the planets are on the up and up and visa versa when they are on the down. So why isn't everybody happy at a certain time and getting wealthy and why isn't everybody miserable and poor at the same time?

There's so much more to this than reading Russell Grant!

lorenzothellama said...

Dear Gill,
I have somehow lost my password for my email account. This happened while I was changing the word, but now my server won't recognize any word I type in. I have been through the 'help' channels and the only answer I get is 'your new password has been emailed to you'. I can't get into my emails without a password so fat lot of good that is!
Do you think if I reiki the computer it would help?