Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to one and all. I personally am pleased 2007 has left me, now I can start 2008 with new vigor and focus.
My absence to my blog was due to family matters which are now in the past of 2007.
2008 is a year of transcendence and new beginnings for us all, no matter what the doom and gloom forecasters are writing. Decisions were made last year, outmoded thought patterns and beliefs and people will now be discarded to allow us to move forward in a more focused and goal orientated way. All the things that have held us back.
I persoanally am very excited and very motivated about this new year and what it will bring.
Look forward to speaking and hearing from you all again.


Vintage to Victorian said...

Happy New Year Gillie. I know it's going to be an important one for you, so here's to 'new beginnings' for you, too.

Lots of love
Sue xx

Ex-Shammickite said...

Good to see you back on the blogging front.
2008 will bring happiness, sadness, challenges and achievements to us all. New beginnings have such promise.